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 Organizing a WOCP china painting club is exciting. Six members are required to form a new club. Some states and countries have WOCP Organizations that will help you with the process of starting a club . If your state does not have a state or country level organization, the WOCP headquarters will assist in this wonderful adventure. The following information will help to get your new club started:

1. When your group meets and you have agreed to become a club you will need to hold an election of officers. If clarification is needed for the duties of club officers you may follow Roberts Rules of Order.

2. Select the name of your club; something that reflects your area, style, or personalties and have fun.

3. Select the time, date, and location where your meetings will be held.

4. Vote on your club.

Collect dues from your members. If you have a State or Country Organzation you need to ascertain if there is dues for the State or Country Organization. State or country dues are used for printing a state or country memberhip directory.

The World Organization's annual membership fee includes one year (4 issues) of "The China Painter" magazine. The membership year begins with Oct-Nov-Dec. and goes through the July-Aug-Sept magazine issue. Clubs can be formed at any time during the year. Members will receive all issues starting with Oct-Nov-Dec., Membership can be pro-rated for the remainder of the year.

If you have a person that is joining your club and is currently a member of WOCP WorldWide club, a refund will be given for the remaining magazines of their Worldwide year.

Persons who belong to another WOCP club in your state or country and want to be a member of your new club may join as an associate member . Associate members pay an associate member fee, a fee set by your club. The fee is kept in your club treasury. The person would receive only one magazine through the main club where they paid full membership dues.

WOCP Dues: $40.00 - USA..............Foreign Clubs $45.00

Example Only: Club............................................Dues 10.00

Example: If applicable State or Country.............Dues 3.00

Completed forms and dues should be sent to your state or country treasuer, if there is no state or country level organization the completed forms and dues will be sent to the WOCP Headquarters 2641 N.W. 10th,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107-5407