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Join the "World Organization of China Painters" and receive a one year subscription of the "The China Painter" magazine, a china painter's educational, communication, and inspirational assistant.
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The China Painter Editor/Staff Photographer: Mary Early Assitant Editor/Production: Michelle Richardson Art Director: Sher Sester

We want to assist you in becoming a member of an organization whose mission is to teach china painting and to preserve in a museum setting the painted art for future generations. "The World Organization of China Painters." An organization made up of talented artists, from the beginning china painter to the professional artist and teacher, purveyors of china painting supplies, and connoisseurs of fine art. Your membership dues includes one year of "The China Painter" magazine, a china painters educational, communication and inspirational assistant.

"WorldWide Membership" is Members at Large. If there isn't a club in your area or for some reason you cannot attend club meetings you are eligible to become a WorldWide member. Membership includes one year 4 issues of "The China Painter" magazine. A WorldWide member is eligible to submit photos and articles for publication. There is information in the magazine to aid you in visiting WOCP Clubs and Conventions in your area or when you travel. Your art can be on exhibit in the area display for WorldWide members at the Biennial World Show and Convention. If you have a WOCP Club in your area we encourage you to join, make new friends, and paint with friendly talented people.

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If you need information on locating clubs or painters in your area, call the Corporate Headquarters, 405-521-1234, Fax 405-521-1265, or click here to email us. Would you like to start a WOCP Club? It is easy, and you will find help with the advancement of your painting talent that you are striving for. If you are now painting with a group and would like to become a WOCP Club, or if you want to form a WOCP State or Country Organization where there is not one, contact the World Corporate Headquarters, or the Area Director in you area will assist you in anyway possible. If you have not read an issue of "The China Painter" magazine, Email Us your request for a complimentary copy of "The China Painter."


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