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History and Purpose of WOCP
The World Organization of China Painters is a 501-C 3 non-profit group dedicated to the appreciation and enrichment of the fine art of painting on porcelain. On January 17, 1962, Pauline A. Salyer started a china painting organization in the state of Oklahoma. In April 1967, she founded the World Organization of China Painters. Her background and love of china painting led her to share her rich experiences with others by organizing china painting clubs all over the world. The Organization continues to grow and follow her dream to further the art of porcelain painting. The Organization purchased their first Corporate Headquarters and Museum property in 1984. In April 2016 they moved into their new facility at 2700 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK. The organization is governed by a Chairman of the Board and a Board of Directors selected from its' world membership. The Headquarters and Museum is managed by a small staff under the guidelines of the Executive Board and by-laws of the organization. The operation is aided by volunteer members. One of the many objectives of the Organization is to preserve a collection of fine hand painted porcelain. The collection serves to educate and deepen the appreciation of this fine art for posterity. The WOCP Museum has one of the finest collections of hand painted porcelain in the United States. Included in this collection are pieces which represent honors achieved in this art field, by persons who have made and continue to make outstanding contributions to porcelain art. The Organization publishes their official magazine, "The China Painter", 4 times annually. It features educational material, colored photos of hand painted porcelain by members and photos of state and country porcelain exhibits on display in the Museum. The magazine serves as a communication network for members providing information about states, clubs, china shows and conventions.